WELCOME to our wonderful new website. We are excited to have this means to stay in touch with all our friends and to help keep your pets happy and healthy. We will have a blog so we can share the latest in health information, cool cases that we see, up coming events, etc. Because of the current economic crisis the blog will also feature a rehoming/ adoption program for birds that have lost their homes. We also breed birds- check them out under the Hurricane Aviaries tab. Happy browsing, and please COME SEE US AGAIN SOON.      Click for Adoption/Rehoming >>

NEW "Avian Insights" Products

In our retail store section check out our new DVD's, our Avian First Aid Kits, and our book on breeding birds "Psittacine Aviculture".


In our "Ask Susan" section, we will answer your questions and host a list of "Frequently Asked questions" and for general information about Rainforest Clinic. For more complex questions or case consultations please call the office-561-795-4878 to arrange for a consultation.